Member Benefits

Member Benefits

Holding a Meta Angel NFT means more than just a beautiful piece of art in your wallet

Member Directory

The Meta Angels member directory is a new way to make connections within the community. Leveraging the vast expertise of our members, we are able to share a wealth of knowledge when our members make wishes. More wishes granted, more connections, and a network of opportunity is right at your fingertips.

Wishing Well

The heart of Meta Angels is our Wishing Well that allows our members to provide help, connections, and advice in response to specific asks from the community. We've recently introduced our very own AngelBot to automate the wish process for our members.

More Benefits

Your membership at work

Angel Grants

Members can apply to our weekly no strings attached grants of 0.25 ETH. The only criteria for selection is that it must be for something that will have a positive impact on your life.

Applications are open for Angel Grants for Meta Angels holders and loaned angel holders.

Lending Program

We’re committed to inclusivity and access, and have developed a mechanism that allows holders of multiple Meta Angel NFTs to loan membership to a mentee or other individual who otherwise would not be able to participate.

Artist in Residence

In partnership with Adobe, Meta Angels has a monthly program to support emerging artists in web3. Each month, our Artist in Residence creates a custom NFT that is available as a free mint for Meta Angels holders. Are you the next artist in residence? Want to see past pieces? Learn more about the program.

Giveaways & Raffles

We select a few projects each month to highlight to our community. Our process for reviewing requests aligns closely with our core values of generosity, transparency, and accessibility. We prioritize founding teams that are diverse, open about their identities, and committed to an inclusive mint.

Follow us on Twitter to stay updated on the latest giveaways and raffles. To partner with us, contact us here.

Members-Only Channels in our Discord

Discord is where our community connects. Members can get the “Angels” role which grants them access to our member-only channels. This includes the Wishing Well, where the spirit of generosity in our community translates into connection and action!

High Resolution Image Download & Printing

As an exclusive member benefit, our holders are able to unlock a 4000x4000 version of any angel they own to download and print in high resolution, including the artist’s signature. Our members in the US, Canada, and the UK also have access to a 10% discount and easy one-click printing and framing via Level Frames.

Find out more information, and how to download and print your Angel in the Member Portal.

Angel Labs

Angel Labs is a 10-week curriculum-based Web3 accelerator for experienced operators with NFT-enabled projects, taking them from concept to mint. Meta Angel holders get special access to projects coming through the program. In addition, all Meta Angel holders who apply to the first cohort of Angel Labs were guaranteed a live interview with the program team.

Partner With Us

We set out to partner with others who can provide the Meta Angels community with a variety of benefits to help them grow and thrive in web3. Learn more about our current partnerships, and what it means to be a Meta Angels partner. Or reach out to learn how to become a partner today.