Meet August's Meta Angels Artist in Residence


To the Beat of Liberty's Drum

The final piece Yinkore created for her residency, To the Beat of Liberty's Drum, was available as a free mint to all Meta Angels members.

Description: True freedom comes from accepting and loving yourself at whatever stage you are in life, but often there are societal structures and standards that make doing that incredibly hard. This piece symbolizes the fight against those oppressive structures and pressures in an effort to find that freedom in choosing yourself.

More About Yinkore

Kyla Zoe Rafert is a painter and printmaker living in central Ohio.  Her work is psychologically driven and historically inspired.  She creates highly detailed ahistorical tableaus that feature young women and girls in surrealistic, psychologically potent scenes. Her works are ultimately a treatise on the multiple, sometimes conflicting expectations society has and has had for women and girls, and the often confusing transition from girlhood, to adulthood. Her love-hate relationship with feminine ideals is a foundational theme of her work.

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