Meet August's Meta Angels Artist in Residence

Tony Menias

Take the Scenic Route

The final piece Tony created for his residency, Take the Scenic Route was available as a free mint to all Meta Angels members in November of 2022.

Description: In Vietnam, following the women of the Hmong tribe in Lao Cai through the rice terraces, I was astonished by the beauty they saw going to and from work every day. It set a reminder to slow down and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.

More About Tony

Tony Menias is a travel & street photographer. His love for photography began when his father handed him his first camera when he was 10 and he hasn’t stopped snapping since. He diverted his photography journal to pursue a medical career, but the lens never stopped calling and eventually he stepped away from practicing medicine and returned to a life behind a camera.

Tony travels the world capturing the human condition in its beauty and essence. He aims to inspire through visual storytelling and close the gap of time & space between his subject and their observer.

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Where To Find Tony


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Explore Tony’s work virtually in his Meta Angels OnCyber gallery.

Learn about the Adobe Artist in Residence Program

Throughout the course of a year, beginning in June of 2022, Meta Angels partnered with Adobe to uplift and support emerging artists in the NFT space. Through a month-long residency, we supported, mentored, and commissioned a custom piece to give to all holders of the Meta Angels NFT. A way to bring more incredible talent to the wallets of our holders.