Meet May's Meta Angels Artist in Residence



The final piece Nhefertiti created for her residency, Imaginarium, is available as a free mint to all Meta Angels and HUG members.

Description: Within the vast expanse of the mind, there is no escape. Embrace its power and potential. Nurture it, cultivate positivity, and transform it into your safe haven, where strength, solace, and self-discovery await.

Who is Nhefertiti?

A digital artist with a background in architecture, Nhefertiti is obsessed with the line. It is the most noticeable feature of her work. Much of her inspiration comes from her curiosity about different manifestations. She explores feminine beauty, inner power, and architecture in a very peculiar way.

For the first time, she has been able to apply herself to what she have always wanted to do with NFTs. All her ideas and values make sense in the NFT space and Web3. She has had the opportunity to participate in exhibitions and collaborate with amazing creators and projects to produce intricate detailed digital artwork.

Where To Find Nhefertiti


Explore her website and shop for physical artwork.


Support her across social media channels and follow her work.

Web3 Art

Support her web3 journey by collecting her art.


Explore her work virtually in her Meta Angels OnCyber gallery.

Learn about the Adobe Artist in Residence Program

Throughout the course of a year, beginning in June of 2022, Meta Angels partnered with Adobe to uplift and support emerging artists in the NFT space. Through a month-long residency, we supported, mentored, and commissioned a custom piece to give to all holders of the Meta Angels NFT. A way to bring more incredible talent to the wallets of our holders.