Meet August's Meta Angels Artist in Residence

Mariana Blatnik

The Time is Now

The final piece Danii created for her residency, The Time Is Now is available as a free mint to all Meta Angels members.

Description: The old and new will always be tied together in a powerful but also spiritual way! Sometimes moving on, growing and developing something can be extremely painful but is always a good thing in hindsight. It's necessary to leave our comfort zone and broaden our horizons from time to time so our world can be a better place in the future.

Welcoming Mariana Blatnik to our Artist in Residence Program

Mariana’s journey with NFTs started in May 2021 when she realized that she could finally add motion digitally to her paper art. Her main motivation comes from her native country Brazil, a country full of light and colors. The wavy ocean, sunset sky with clouds, flowers, trees, precious stones, and mineral rocks are also present in her work. These are the main sources of her inspiration.

Where To Find Mari


Explore Mari's website and shop for physical artwork and Merch.


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Web3 Art

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Explore Mari's work virtually in her Meta Angels OnCyber gallery.

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Become Part of the Artist in Residence Program

If you are an emerging artist like Mariana looking to explore your art in the web3 space we’d love for you to apply for our month-long residency. Each piece is commissioned and you'll also receive a year-long subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud to help you complete the piece.