Meet August's Meta Angels Artist in Residence

Mariana Blatnik


The final piece Mari created for her residency, Waterfall, is available as a free mint to all Meta Angels members.

Description: Many times, we bury our feelings and hide away our emotions, but it only worsens. Everything becomes more complicated and difficult to control. When it bursts, it feels like a waterfall. Unstoppable and intense. It can only be eased with compassion and a hug from a loved one.

Who is Mariana Blatnik?

Mariana’s journey with NFTs started in May 2021 when she realized that she could finally add motion digitally to her paper art. Her main motivation comes from her native country Brazil, a country full of light and colors. The wavy ocean, sunset sky with clouds, flowers, trees, precious stones, and mineral rocks are also present in her work. These are the main sources of her inspiration.

Where To Find Mari


Explore Mari's website and shop for physical artwork and Merch.


Support Mari across social media channels and follow her work.

Web3 Art

Support Mari’s web3 journey by collecting her art.


Explore Mari's work virtually in her Meta Angels OnCyber gallery.

Learn about the Adobe Artist in Residence Program

Throughout the course of a year, beginning in June of 2022, Meta Angels partnered with Adobe to uplift and support emerging artists in the NFT space. Through a month-long residency, we supported, mentored, and commissioned a custom piece to give to all holders of the Meta Angels NFT. A way to bring more incredible talent to the wallets of our holders.