Meet August's Meta Angels Artist in Residence

Laura Santiago

Grateful Heart

The final piece Laura created for her residency, Grateful Heart was available as a free mint to all Meta Angels members.

Description: Before we opened our eyes to the world, there was love in the form of nature, welcoming us to take part of its soil, encouraging us to grow roots in the land we now call our own. We prayed for food, for safety, for company and nature delivered, showing us the extent of its generosity, care, and love. Our hearts were nurtured with a unique kind of love, one that elevates our being and allows us to see beyond the leaves and the streams, inviting us to receive it with open arms and a grateful heart, today, tomorrow, and always.

More About Laura

I am a Latina with a creative mind who loves iced coffee, dogs, musicals, books and Christmas. When I'm not designing or drawing, you can find me baking some sugar free desserts or watching Friends for the 1,000th time. (I just can't help it).

Although she never imagined as a kid that she would be a professional illustrator, Laura's family encouraged her with every step, supporting her as she went from practicing art as a hobby and form of therapy to embarking on formal training in graphic design.

Listen to Artist Interview
Listen to Artist Interview

Where To Find Laura


Explore Laura’s website and shop for physical artwork and Merch.


Support Laura across social media channels and follow her work.

Web3 Art

Support Laura’s web3 journey by collecting her art.


Explore Laura’s work virtually in her Meta Angels OnCyber gallery.

Learn about the Adobe Artist in Residence Program

Throughout the course of a year, beginning in June of 2022, Meta Angels partnered with Adobe to uplift and support emerging artists in the NFT space. Through a month-long residency, we supported, mentored, and commissioned a custom piece to give to all holders of the Meta Angels NFT. A way to bring more incredible talent to the wallets of our holders.